About Your Portfolio

Your ePortfolio

Your ePortfolio at SUNY Plattsburgh is an online repository where you can maintain a record of your work at the college.

Your ePortfolio space allows you to gather together and organize materials that you've created for courses--discussion forum posts and other assignments from Moodle, essays or presentations made in face-to-face classes, photographs, scans of awards or certificates, and other materials that define your achievements at the college.

The ePortfolio system also allows you a flexible mechanism for creating pages that present meaningful representations of your learning. Your pages can be built from the items you've uploaded or imported into the ePortfolio, from journals or outlines of plans that you've build in the ePortfolio, or from external sources like Youtube or your Google Drive file area. You can create entirely private pages, documenting your progress for yourself or, if you wish, you can share pages with your instructors, prospective employers, family, and friends. Get started with your ePortfolio by clicking on the ePortfolio link in Moodle.  The "ePortfolio Users' Group" group site (you can self-enrol if you're not already a member) has documentation and tips on how to make the most of the system.